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To support industry, organization and our customers and meet their application by delivering technology complying with their demand in an effective and efficient manner through innovative products and solutions
Schelt Technology designs, develops and provides the products to support industry, organization or customer and deliver best fit solution in an effective and efficient manner. We accomplish this mission by designing products and providing solutions with our complying application based approach for excellence and innovation. At the core of our success are the relationships we have established with our customers and the reputation we have earned. Customer’s application is our priority for providing solution. We make systems compatible and in accordance with customers demand.

Schelt Technology

Our strength is our approach. We find out what organizations are doing, and help them to do it better through innovative thinking, technical knowledge and best instruments.

Schelt Technology is a team oriented. Each team member is conversant with his domain. Collectively, we work towards the common goal of providing you with the best returns on every investment and building loyalty across every touchpoint.

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